Our Mission

Helping the Children of Benton County Experience the Miracle of Christmas

We help put a smile on the face of over 4,000 children in the local community by providing them with holiday gifts on their wish list along with essentials that they need. Because after all, every child should experience the joy of Christmas.


Provide those in need throughout the local communities with back to school supplies, back packs and clothes. We recently started granting scholarships to high school students for college credit courses to help them get jobs right out of school.


We also provide a holiday meal to those who apply for assistance during the Holidays. We also assist our more needy communities with food and clothing to give them a little boost until they see us on Distribution Day.

2018 in Review

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Sharing & Caring is a very helpful resource to children in the area. I have both used and donated to this service and would again in a heart beat.


This organization went above and beyond to help me get a gift to a child and also helped me help a lot of small children with personal item needs. Such an amazing group of people! Thank you so much!

Angela M.

I have helped out many time over the years. Nothing like knowing families in our area get to have a good Christmas because of this group!

Brian W.Volunteer

Thank y'all so much for the help with Christmas for my boys through this rough time. I greatly appreciate everything y'all do for the families in Benton County...You were all so kind [to us] this morning. Its nice to know that there are still good people in this world.

Asheley G.Sponsored Family

I wanted to say a huge THANK YOU for blessing our district with school supplies for Back to School. [You] were so kind to spend [your] afternoon driving them over to Western Benton County schools. We are so grateful for your program and your generosity!

Krystal W.Siloam Springs Public Schools

All throughout the year I think of the people who took the time to shop for my children...every time I saw them wearing an item or playing with a toy they received from you... I wanted to make sure you knew that I think about you and pray for you. From the bottom of my heart, Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

I was not able to go pick up due to work, but my husband went... and when I got home late and tired and saw the box of items of food and household goods and the apple pie, I started crying. I cry when I am happy. Acts of goodness warm my heart. I am crying right now that I write this... I saw a lot of things that were on my shopping list to get and there they were in a big box. How did you know?! You are a blessing for us and our children and I thank you for everything that you did. I hope you can feel my gratitude and a big thank you hug through this letter to the kind and so very generous people who spent the time to shop for a couple of kids they don't know! ... Many blessings to you all and to all of the volunteers, the donors, everybody involved in making our Christmas special. Love you guys!

Christie G. *Name has been changedSponsored Family

My most favorite [non-profit], Sharing & Caring of Benton County! The group, past & present, involved in this project are doing their very best to deliver a mission to the neediest kids in Northwest Arkansas. It may not be the most visible non-profit, but that is for a very good reason. One of my favorite quotes is from the original Mary Poppins, "enough is as good as a feast". We see a need, they fill that need.

Greg P.Volunteer & Sponsor

I put S&C into the category of what I call a, "I know where God was" moment...The many things they do in organizing this army is just short of a miracle. And miracles, as we all know, are only doled out by God. So, HE has decided that each volunteer should help Him answer the many prayers He has received from some worthy children in need. When those children, that now number in the thousands, wake up on Christmas with presents under the tree and food on their table, it surely is a prayer answered by God. I don't think we are supposed to know when we are being utensils for such miracles, but when God does choose you to come into His service and give Him a hand with Sharing & Caring: it is at that very moment I can say "I know where God was today!"

Steve P.Volunteer & Sponsor

This enormous undertaking of providing Christmas presents for 3000 - 4000 kids, a full Christmas dinner, various other items including wrapping paper (so the parents can be involved in the magic)... ALL done with a close to 4% margin. Over 35,000 local children have had a Christmas, sponsored by an organization very few have heard of. I'm proud to support Sharing & Caring!

Jeff G.Volunteer & Sponsor

It was such a pleasure to be involved with Sharing and Caring from beginning to end.  They were so organized from the time we donated money until the moment we left on Distribution Day.  We were given shopping cards in the correct increments and detailed lists of what the kids wanted/needed so that made it very easy.  When we dropped off our shopping bags we were greeted with happy faces working fiercely to arrange everything, it was just an electric happy feeling.  On Distribution Day, the look on parents’ faces when they got the Christmas goodies for their kids, will be forever left in my mind.  You can see the gratefulness and it is very rewarding to be a small part of that.  My family looks forward to being involved this coming year and many years to come!  Thank you Sharing and Caring for all the happiness, love and effort.

Lisa S.Volunteer & Sponsor

We had so much fun and were filled with so much joy when we left Distribution Day.  The positive energy everyone had was exhilarating.

So many volunteers and very organized.  Can’t wait for next year.

Nancee S.Volunteer & Sponsor

I was surprised and dismayed when I saw how many children are in need in Northwest Arkansas. When I saw the community come together through Sharing and Caring, to fill the need, I realized what an amazing community of people we are. I volunteer because I want every child to have a magical Christmas morning and a brighter future!

Charlene K.Volunteer & Partner

I volunteer at Sharing and Caring so a parent can see joy in their child's eyes on Christmas morning!

Sue R.Lead Volunteer

The Need is Real!

It was humbling to see a father and mother weep of joy and gratitude when they learned that they would be receiving food, a few staple items, clothes and even a couple of toys for their children on distribution day.  No parent should have to miss seeing their children’s face light up Christmas morning. Furthermore, no child should awake Christmas morning without a way to celebrate the joy of the holiday.

When community’s come together then humanity will push forward, above, and beyond creating the opportunity for real change to place. Everyone that can should feel the need to help individuals that are less fortunate.

Melissa A.Volunteer

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